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Wedding Cost-Saving Tip: Save $1,000+ by hosting your ceremony and reception at the SAME location.

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Hosting a wedding ceremony at the same place as the reception is quickly becoming a budget-friendly wedding trend. Here are some great logistic and financial benefits of this cost-saving tip.

1- Convenience. This goes for both the Bride & Groom and their guests. Once you arrive at the banquet hall, you do not have to leave until the party is over. This saves time, gas money and the frustration of finding both locations.

2- Costs. published that the average wedding cost $28,427 in 2012 (see infographic). Below is the breakdown on where this tip would save you money during your wedding planning.  Infographic on 2012 Average wedding costs

a. Limo transportation costs are cut as you have one less stop to make. In 2012, limo costs alone were on average of $708*.

b. In 2012, ceremony site costs were around $1,700*. Imagine cutting that figure at least in half when going through your venue site. Some banquet halls charge a minimal if any fee at all to rent an indoor/outdoor ceremony space. Make sure to ask when you’re venue shopping if they do offer this option.

c. Décor costs also decrease as you can easily transport and use flowers and decorations from the ceremony to the reception space. In 2012, $1,997* was spent on the Florist/Décor.

d. Save on Photographer($2,379)/ Videographer($1,619)/ Wedding Coordinator ($1,847) costs* as well. These vendors would also have to travel less, so they may cut you a break on their expenses.

Hopefully, the combination of these cost-saves will help with your wedding budget as well as include a convenience factor during your special day. You have the power to negotiate with your vendors and this trend could help you do just that.

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*Data compiled by

Written by: Anna Wolski
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