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It’s the little things….4 examples of an event-worthy banquet hall

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When making your final choice on an event venue, it is critical to take into consideration the small details. This is especially important when you are promised that GREAT deal for booking your event. Here are 4 (of many) examples that could show you that you are truly getting a great value for your money spent.

1.)  Food: From menu selections and the quantity of food served to using the freshest ingredients and food presentation, make sure you recognize the efforts that should be put forth by the hall.

  • Butter: Homemade whipped butter rosettes vs. store-bought plastic containers


Freshly whipped butter made at the MCC

  • Coffee Creamer: Freshly served half & half on the guest tables in mini-carafes vs. single plastic creamers or powdered (gasp!) creamer
  • Entrée selections: Beef is typically a higher-cost meal followed by chicken and pork. Fish can vary depending on type. Your menu should reflect a good selection between the four options and also pay attention to the “cut”, preparation and presentation.

Cabbage Salad2
Fresh, hand-cut cabbage salad “coleslaw” at the MCC

2.)  Service: From your initial inquiry to the closing of the event, superior customer service is essential to a successful party.

  • Quick response-time to phone calls and emails.
  • Listening to your concerns and questions and offering effective solutions.

3.)  Proper room set-up

  • China and glass table set-up
  • Neat napkin fold and placement
  • Proper chair alignment for ample guest space
  • Clean and pressed table skirting and linens

HeadTable with Drapery_Napkin_Setup_Navy_Silver linens
Proper Table, Chair and Place Settings at the MCC

4.)  Event Execution

  • Meals served in a timely and organized fashion
  • Proper serving etiquette
  • Servers dressed in appropriate and matching uniforms
  • Banquet supervisors available throughout the event

When you take into account all the little things you start to see the potential of the big picture. Your special day should reflect these details to ensure your event is the talk of the town.

Anna Wolski
Sales Coordinator
MCC Banquets & Events
(Macedonian Cultural Center)

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