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Picturesque Outdoor Photography Locations near Sterling Heights and Troy, Michigan

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Many of our clients inquire about where they can take pictures near our facility.  Below are some beautiful locations to take your outside wedding, school or family photos. Please note that some venues require a permit and/or a reservation so make sure you or your photographer apply for one in advance. Also, plan to scout the area before the big day to ensure a smoother photo session.

Dodge Park – Public; Sterling Heights ( Utica and 18 Mile Rds.)

Van Hoosen Farm Permit required; Rochester Hills                     (Tienken Rd. between Dequindre and Rochester Rds.)                        (248) 656-4663

Barn, Van Hoosen Farm, Rochester Hills, MI

Rustic backdrop for the bride and groom at Van Hoosen Farms
Source: Amy Carroll Photography

Shelby Twp. Parks – Permit required; 

o  Heritage Gardens (Van Dyke and 24 Mile Rds.)

Bridge, Benches, Park-like setting

Romance in the park at Heritage Gardens.

George George Park – Reservation required; Clinton Township (Cass Ave. and Groesbeck Hwy.) Weddings & Photos – Civic Center Gazebo and George George Bridal Garden/pavilion are available for rental through the Department of Public Services. Please contact them at 586-286-9300 for information.

Fountain and Entryway at George George Park

Fountains and bridges create beautiful photo opps at George George Park

  • Yates Cider Mill – Public; Rochester Hills (Dequindre  and E. Avon Rds.)

    Red Barn at Yates Cider Mill in Rochester HIlls, MI

    Red Barn at Yates Cider Mill in Rochester HIlls, MI

Anna Wolski, MCC Banquets & Events

43133 Ryan Rd., Sterling Heights, MI  48314


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It’s the little things….4 examples of an event-worthy banquet hall

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When making your final choice on an event venue, it is critical to take into consideration the small details. This is especially important when you are promised that GREAT deal for booking your event. Here are 4 (of many) examples that could show you that you are truly getting a great value for your money spent.

1.)  Food: From menu selections and the quantity of food served to using the freshest ingredients and food presentation, make sure you recognize the efforts that should be put forth by the hall.

  • Butter: Homemade whipped butter rosettes vs. store-bought plastic containers


Freshly whipped butter made at the MCC

  • Coffee Creamer: Freshly served half & half on the guest tables in mini-carafes vs. single plastic creamers or powdered (gasp!) creamer
  • Entrée selections: Beef is typically a higher-cost meal followed by chicken and pork. Fish can vary depending on type. Your menu should reflect a good selection between the four options and also pay attention to the “cut”, preparation and presentation.

Cabbage Salad2
Fresh, hand-cut cabbage salad “coleslaw” at the MCC

2.)  Service: From your initial inquiry to the closing of the event, superior customer service is essential to a successful party.

  • Quick response-time to phone calls and emails.
  • Listening to your concerns and questions and offering effective solutions.

3.)  Proper room set-up

  • China and glass table set-up
  • Neat napkin fold and placement
  • Proper chair alignment for ample guest space
  • Clean and pressed table skirting and linens

HeadTable with Drapery_Napkin_Setup_Navy_Silver linens
Proper Table, Chair and Place Settings at the MCC

4.)  Event Execution

  • Meals served in a timely and organized fashion
  • Proper serving etiquette
  • Servers dressed in appropriate and matching uniforms
  • Banquet supervisors available throughout the event

When you take into account all the little things you start to see the potential of the big picture. Your special day should reflect these details to ensure your event is the talk of the town.

Anna Wolski
Sales Coordinator
MCC Banquets & Events
(Macedonian Cultural Center)

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2014 Pantone Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid ~ Inspiration Boards

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Shades of purple have long been a staple color in wedding themes.  In January, Pantone color Radiant Orchid brought new life to this wide pallet and inspires beautiful details for any wedding.






From bridesmaid dresses and linens to flowers and cakes, there are many ways to incorporate this stunning color in your vision.

Make sure to follow our Pinterest boards for more wedding trends, tips and ideas.


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Making your Pinterest wedding a reality

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By now, most brides-to-be (B2B) know of This site has provided B2B and event planners an endless supply of inspiration thru photos. Once on the site, you can plan all the details of your wedding by “pinning” images to boards categorically. You can search by themes, colors, products, ideas, celebrities…like I said, boundless.

Though this creative tool allows for the re-creation of any vision, it also gives a false sense of reality. Many photos show beautiful tablescapes and decorations that typically come with a hefty price tag. While planning their events, brides are often faced with sticker shock when quoted that pinned centerpiece and ask, “How can I have this gorgeous wedding reception and feed my guests a decent menu too”?

Here is a tip: If your heart is set on recreating that special theme and having those beautiful florals, linens and lighting, search out non-typical venues in your metro area.  This could include church halls, recreation and cultural centers.  They usually offer inexpensive packages and provide a classic, blank canvas for creating your wedding reception vision. Work with a banquet hall within your budget to supply a great-tasting menu, first-class service AND a space that you can transform.

Here are some photos of events at MCC Banquets & Events that illustrate this concept perfectly.

Ballroom with linens, florals, chiavari chairs and lighting

Affordable Elegance

Gorgeous tablescape on a trendy captain's headtable

Gorgeous tablescape on a trendy captain’s headtable


With this in mind, happy pinning. It can happen.

Anna Wolski
MCC Banquets & Events
(Macedonian Cultural Center)

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5 Reasons to Book a Banquet Hall for your next Event.

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There are several reasons to having a reputable venue host your event. Sure, you could go with an outdoor space, rent a room in a restaurant, or even host it in a home. Having it at a banquet hall will make it easier on you because of the:
1- Experience – The staff of an established hall is well-trained and versed in throwing a party. They anticipate different scenarios and will have a plan B already in place.
2- Help – The staff assigned to your event is there to provide first-class customer service. They will help you to the best of their ability to fulfill your needs.
3- Food – Most halls have their own full-service kitchen. You don’t have to worry about finding a caterer, shopping and cooking food, and preparing a delicious spread for your guests. They will even help you plan out your menu for you.
4- Equipment – Tables, chairs, linens, napkins, china, glassware….etc. Check.

Table with place settings, chairs & napkins

Find a reputable hall that manages all the details.

5- Set-up & Clean-up – Halls will typically draw up a floor plan with you and everything will be set-up before your event begins. You’ll even have time to add decorative touches if you want to. After the event is done, so are you. The hall washes those dishes and linens so you don’t have to.

Planning a party can be stressful with all of the different aspects. Hopefully the reasons above show you the benefits of choosing a banquet hall and ensure a successful event!

Call today if you are planning a party in the Detroit Metro area. I’d love to help you plan it here!
Anna Wolski
MCC Banquets & Events (Macedonian Cultural Center)
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How to serve your guests at your event

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There are many options in food service when hosting an event at a banquet hall. Each option offers different levels of service. Here are the most common ways to serve your guests.

  • Family-Style:  This formal approach allows your guests to remain seated for dinner and enjoy their meal as a “family”.  Servers bring out the food on large platters and they are passed around the table. Servers make sure to replenish the courses on an as-needed basis.
Food platters on table

Family-Style dining

  • Buffet-Style:  This casual service style allows guests to put together their own meal plates from heated chafing dishes set-up on different tables.  Servers make sure food is replenished and hot.  This is usually the least-expensive option when compared to other styles.
Chafing Dishes on a Buffet

Buffet-Style Dining

  • Plated:  Another option is individually plated meals for each guest.  The host chooses from 1 to 2 entree options and serves it with a starch and vegetable.  This is typically the more expensive service and reflects a formal tone for your event.
Serving guests with individual meal plates

Individual Plated Dining

  •  Food Stations:  These are quickly becoming a trendy option for non-traditional weddings.  You could think of it as a “deconstructed buffet”.   With this style of dining, themed mini-buffets are set-up around the reception area.  Guests casually travel the room and try what they prefer.  Pricing varies on this one since it depends on what types of food are served.
Carving Food Station

Carving Food Station

There are many factors that weigh in on which dining style suits your event.  Make lists of the pros and cons of each and go with what matches your vision.  Always consult with your venue, as they will steer you in the right direction with their expertise.

Anna Wolski

MCC Banquets and Events


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Wedding Cost-Saving Tip: Save $1,000+ by hosting your ceremony and reception at the SAME location.

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Hosting a wedding ceremony at the same place as the reception is quickly becoming a budget-friendly wedding trend. Here are some great logistic and financial benefits of this cost-saving tip.

1- Convenience. This goes for both the Bride & Groom and their guests. Once you arrive at the banquet hall, you do not have to leave until the party is over. This saves time, gas money and the frustration of finding both locations.

2- Costs. published that the average wedding cost $28,427 in 2012 (see infographic). Below is the breakdown on where this tip would save you money during your wedding planning.  Infographic on 2012 Average wedding costs

a. Limo transportation costs are cut as you have one less stop to make. In 2012, limo costs alone were on average of $708*.

b. In 2012, ceremony site costs were around $1,700*. Imagine cutting that figure at least in half when going through your venue site. Some banquet halls charge a minimal if any fee at all to rent an indoor/outdoor ceremony space. Make sure to ask when you’re venue shopping if they do offer this option.

c. Décor costs also decrease as you can easily transport and use flowers and decorations from the ceremony to the reception space. In 2012, $1,997* was spent on the Florist/Décor.

d. Save on Photographer($2,379)/ Videographer($1,619)/ Wedding Coordinator ($1,847) costs* as well. These vendors would also have to travel less, so they may cut you a break on their expenses.

Hopefully, the combination of these cost-saves will help with your wedding budget as well as include a convenience factor during your special day. You have the power to negotiate with your vendors and this trend could help you do just that.

Contact MCC Banquets and Events today about how we can save you money while hosting your wedding ceremony and reception!

*Data compiled by

Written by: Anna Wolski
MCC Banquets & Events
43133 Ryan Road
Sterling Heights, MI 48314

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She Said Yes, Now What?

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Proposal season is well under way and newly-engaged couples are beginning their wedding-planning journey. First up: Picking a Venue. Now.

Bride and Groom Dancefloor

Why? Because there are a lot less weekends in the year than there are couples getting married. If you have a specific date in mind, you need to book it and the venue of your choice before someone else does. Here is a quick guide on how to do this.

1. Pick your date as well as a few alternate dates.
2. Pick a geographic location that is convenient.

3. Google search “Banquet Halls in Sterling Heights” or “Wedding Venues in Macomb County” for reputable facilities.

4. Call several wedding venues/banquet halls in that area to make appointments for a tour and consultation.

5. During your appointment, keep the following things in mind:

Do you need a ceremony site?
What type of reception do you envision? i.e., Evening dinner or Daytime luncheon, Open Bar or No Bar, etc.
Your guest count (rough estimate)
Your budget
Deposit and Cancellation Policies
6. Make sure you take notes to help narrow down your prospective venue list.
7. Discuss the pros and cons with your fiancé and come to a mutual decision.
8. Place the required deposit to book your date and venue.
9. Exhale. You just crossed off a BIG item off your To-Do List.

Booking a wedding reception venue early allows you to create a base timeline for the remainder of your wedding planning. Also, since it is a large portion of any wedding budget, it helps you financially plan for the rest of your special day.

MCC (Macedonian Cultural Center) Banquets and Events ~ 586.731.4050 ~

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